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Jan. 27th, 2009 02:56 pm
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braxton filled my fountain pen :)
it just came in the mail - one of these

how to fill a fountain pen with an ink converter

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It might do me a lot of good if I were to work that way, gloomy and bullheaded, laying no stress on inspiration, and spitting on flashy ideas. But this can only be achieved by description, one has to know a lot, have a certain amount of experience behind one and possess a particular style that can e ‘applied’ to anything. In any case one needs to beware of ‘wit’, of candied fruit, tasteful decorations and smooth finish. The overriding thing must be the greatness of the conception, the dark piled-up mass, the trembling light over everything and the fearlessness of the human heart which shows things as they are and likes them that way.


The more central the place taken by the plot, the richer and more powerful are the developments open to its exponents. They haven’t got faces, they only have voices, they don’t keep speaking, they just answer, they don’t wear the plot like a rubber skin but wrap it round themselves like a broad garment full of folds.

- Bertol Brecht

writing prompts by bernadette meyer that kiteley mentioned in class this afternoon: http://www.spinelessbooks.com/mayer/index.html
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Start talkin', Duchess. We're gonna toss what you got into the computer..and see what comes out.

(from the OED definition of duchess)

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poly's curled up on the coat i threw off
when i got home, laundry's turning in the basement,
braxton's writing an essay for the gallery show
he's curating, i'm drinking tea & researching stuff
for a piece for travel writing class (hearst castle,
i think... have you been there? it was a long time
ago i was there, but i have some books to refer to
to put me in place).


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