Jan. 29th, 2009


Jan. 29th, 2009 12:50 pm
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i am so exhausted.
i was up late making edits to glamorous freak &
sending parts of it out to magazines/journals, &
writing queries to small presses for the whole manuscript.
the whole process is so depressing, i feel very sad
& tired. it would be nice to have a small press again,
i would like to do it if i can find someone to be on the
masthead with me, and i would rather have most
of the books made somewhere rather than making
them myself
. maybe a combination of handmade books
in limited edition then migrating to lulu for future
print runs. i don't know where i would have time to
do this, but probably there are moments of every day that
can be given over.

i added a ton of links to my delicious, if you want to look at small presses & journals, they're all tagged 'writing' 'press' or 'magazine' or 'small press' if you use the search option

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The first requirement of architectural beauty is suitability to situation. A house should always seem to belong where it stands. If it looks forced upon an unwilling landscape, or if it is in any way antagonistic or uncomfortable because conspicuous or out of scale, then it fails in this first requirement.

A high-porticoed white-painted Colonial house on a windswept crag jutting out into the ocean is as unsuitable as an organdie dress worn out in a snowstorm. A low-flung building of massive boulders in a warm and tranquil valley is like a coonskin coat in July.

The house of boulders should stand on a ledge or summit of rock that supports its weight and absorbs its material. The Colonial house would be sympathetically placed on an elm-bordered street, or on its own wide lawn against the green of a wooded background.

- Emily Post, The Personality of a House


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