Feb. 5th, 2009

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in a stupor at the library. reading an article
on jstor about forest lawn, stained glass, hearst and
camp films. new notebook entry: http://persephassa.com/
we're halfway through the quarter! it is getting all
crazy now. in a month i will be thirty. i want a tiara.
strawberries. daffodils. downhill skiing.
i was going to watch the two mrs carrolls on my break
between consultations, but i need headphones
to plug into the tv set (i have it on vhs that my mom
got me for xmas, it isn't on dvd).

from the article, quoting from codex calixtinus:

...holds in her hands the rotting head of her lover, cut off by her husband, who forces her to kiss it twice each day. What a great and admirable judgment upon an adulterous woman, which should be accounted to everyone.

i want to see The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing

the girl the film is based on

oh & loa montez. it was at the tivoli but i missed it.

i went to chipotle for lunch in lieu of anything decent to eat
around campus besides cookies, but i left my debit card at home
(we ordered pizza last night they NEVER delivered, it was so maddening
cause all the food we had was baby spinach, anyways i took my card
out to pay the delivery guy when he came but no one ever came
and by the time i was like where are they? they were closed and
not answering the phone) and a nice girl in line paid the extra 40 cents
or whatever i owed cause i only have a five dollar bill and some quarters
i took from braxton, which wasn't enough; it was so nice of her.

i would like to read some bernadette mayer poems, go on a house tour(molly brown
house? mesa verde? mcallister house? rosemount?) and have tea
at the brown palace. oh & go to strawberry springs

maybe we should go on a tour of celestial seasonings in boulder.

this tiara:


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