Feb. 15th, 2009

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on friday we went to the mercury cafe
for christine's birthday. it had snowed.
i had walked in the snow to get braxton a beaker
at the science store for valentine's day (we
went there with alan before and braxton
said he wanted one to drink water out of).
my hands had been cold. at the mercury cafe
we ate food and snuck upstairs to watch old
people lamely dancing the tango. it was odd.
that place is odd. there was also tarot
reading going on & old hippies doing slam
poetry and roses hanging from the walls.
we did not sing. we had dessert. marream said
we should read a book whose title i can't remember,
but tomorrow i will ask her what it was.
we left and went to a place called the grizzly
rose. it is a saloon/dance hall of country music.
it was christine's birthday and so we went there.
there was a mechanical bull, and christine's boyfriend
batour rode on it until he fell off. i have a video
on my cellphone. no one else rode the mechanical bull.
we watched people line dancing. they played odd music,
like guns and roses. also what i expected, like
that song about the river chattahoochee.
there were real cowboys and fake ones.
christine said the fake cowboys were wearing straw hats.
it is winter, they should be dressed in felt.
after awhile we left. on saturday we made indian food and
watched cria cuervos and now it is monday again
and i have reading to do, like usual. last night
braxton went downstairs and opened the door and a black
cat came in. we left it in the hallway since it seemed
to think it belonged in this house and this morning it
was gone; maybe it belongs to our new downstairs neighbor,
who does not smoke, thank you.


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