Mar. 14th, 2009

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i read shirley jackson's hangsaman today.
it was bewildering, but also wonderful. i feel
quite disoriented and am not sure what even happened.
i think she is alot like muriel spark and patrica highsmith,
but her language is more intricate. i took a short nap
in the midst of reading and had a strange
nightmare. something about batteries and a dog. what next? i got
her happy housewife books from the library, bios
about her children growing up, but the library had nothing
else. christine recommended the sundial & i ordered it through
library loan. otherwise, i am now on spring break, so yes
i can read a few things that aren't directly related to
school. braxton & i tried to go to lunch at luella's
after dropping christine off at the bus station and picking
up the hiking boots my brother got me at rei... but it
was too late; we went to blue bonnet instead. i think the mexican
food here in denver is terrible. this sunday
i think we will go to this experimental film symposium thing
at uc boulder. they're showing a joseph cornell film and some
other things i am excited about.
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if you click on the second block from the right it does a better thing than it did before.
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Mark Jeffery and Judd Morrissey
a collaboration merging performance and digital literary practices

will visit Providence from March 13 through March 20, 2009.
Link to 19Mb pdf poster . . . Link to web-scale flyer.

For the Brown University Literary Arts Program, at the invitation, in particular, of its writers in digital media, they will present:

The Last Performance /
Pembroke Hall, Room 305, Saturday March 14 at 7pm.

They will then take up a six-day residency at Firehouse 13 where they will initiate a new work.

- opening event and artists' talk
Firehouse 13, 41 Central Street
Sunday March 15 at 7pm

- presentation of the work-in-progress at a closing event:
The Precession
Firehouse 13, 41 Central Street
Friday March 20 at 9pm.

Follow / Interrupt
(writings to begin appearing March 15)
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braxton got me this skirt from sohomode on etsy
for my birthday. i love it! it is lined and the fabric is vintage. i think i'll wear
it tomorrow but i'll have to iron it cause the postperson crammed it in our mailbox.

we took a walk to buy plums and braxton bought me a paperdoll book from gay cowboys.
also, a book of erte illustrations. i stopped at the bookmall on the way home
& got three more gothics for $2.50.


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