Mar. 15th, 2009

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we went to this film thing at uc boulder this morning.
we didn't stay for the entire thing but did see 4 hours
of experimental films. i really loved:
lunatic princess, 2005 mark lapore [just a little girl standing with her arms crossed looking at the camera while it snows. there is some kind of flower garden behind her and the film runs backwards after forwards.]
alone at last, 2008 ken jacobs [had all these interesting perspective things going on. braxton tried to get one of his films for the magic lantern he's curating with justin in providence but couldn't get a copy]
house, 2007 ben rivers [i loved this one. it was shots of the inside of an abandoned house (or a dollhouse? not sure) with beautiful wallpaper, all b&w with lights traveling through the rooms and glancing off banisters and such.]
live projection performance, 2008 bruce mcclure [this was spectacular, not sure what he was doing tho... something with a flashlight maybe shining through the projector or...? so it made these lights patterns on the screen, which eventually became a film that was stark and had a similar tempo to the light thing, it was of a pelican i think, reversed, and then it returned to the abstract lights. there sound with it that was really loud; they passed out earplugs. now i have purple earplugs.]

then we went hiking in eldorado canyon & stopped at braxton's
favorite record shop in arvada. i got some books, including
shirley jackson's bird's nest ($1.50!). & an ironing
board and 3 boxes of cadbury eggs from target. making a potato
chowder now.


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