Mar. 24th, 2009

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my mouse broke and i'm waiting for a new one... i find the
touchpad on my laptop IMPOSSIBLE AND IRRITATING!!!!!
but anyhow. school started today; today braxton got
a fellowship from mellon/acls (which is double, triple exciting,
cause we thought he might have had to go back to providence,
& this has no spatial requirements, so hooooray!!!); today
i started to make a reading blog for selah's class (almost done,
have a few stylesheet quirks to settle and header images to add);
today i had some alden's organic strawberry ice cream which is very very good,
almost as good as their chocolate chocolate chip.... uh yesterday
we got groceries and made guacamole, it felt like summer, so many green
stuffs and citrus at the market, but then today the temperature
dropped. i struggled into my coat. i almost
left my hats & mittens under the chair. today i got some new glasses
frames. i mean, they will come in the mail soon.


tomorrow i have to get up early and now i should go to sleep, tho it is too late
already and i'd rather stay up and work on various things rather than get up
early and go to campus in this wind.

ps. today braxton bought the path (a game!) & i am so excited to play! maybe on my laptop if it stops its odd hesitations. i haven't seen it yet cause i am at school all the day long. some day i won't be... maybe like friday.
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i am behind my written notebooks & trying to catch up
to myself. maybe this quarter there will be more
time/necessity to write. i have workshop with
selah (she posted about our class last night here;
if yr interested in hybridity or writing in general
this will be a cupcake). she reminds me a lot of carole...
the phrasing & devotion i guess. i am meeting with marream
later & we're co-creating/editing a google doc.
i didn't even know you cld work on them at the same time?
i knew you cld share. i got up very early & had
pumpernickel and orange juice i squeezed myself.
now i have to go be a baby ta. hopefully it means
infantile, as in, inability to do anything but stare
vacantly & coo occasionally. if i had less to do i could
mop the floor, finally. the library has received a giant
red plexiglass statue of a pudgy man holding a big mama pig
on his head, with the udders festooned upon his forehead.
du is a strange place. yesterday i talked to professor gorak for
like 15 minutes from the stairway; he was standing about 10
feet below me gazing up. it was very romantic.


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