Mar. 31st, 2009

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lots doing. walloped with school today, and
up too early to make a dutch baby,
cause it is so early i immediately am on my way. no leisure
for the lazy. i have daughters of darkness to watch from netflix
& over the weekend i read the old manor house by charlotte
smith & zofloya by charlottle dacre. i think i will
read some desade next to wsh away the austere cleanliness and
upstart morality of the others. tho zofloya was interesting,
and had a naughty heroine. apparently the author read a text
on nymphomania and the novel is enacting that text. unusual.
but now braxton is shutting down the lights, and i'd better close.
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marream & i had dinner at the falafel place by campus before
workshop last night. not nearly as good as other places i've had falafel, but there
was a group of delighted people who drove from durango (like
2? 3? hours away) to eat there, rec'd by yelp. one of them
told the waitress they came because the restaurant had so many good reviews!
which is most likely because it is the only place close to campus
which is not chipotle, quizno's, jamba juice, buegger's or starbucks.
they do have lovely deserts, tho my falafel was sub par. i had
a bird's nest: fluffy pasty, lemon juice, crushed nutmeat &
pistachios in honey. so good. i wish i had one now, on a green
glass plate, with a little pot of tea. | notebook


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