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our neighbor's clock radio is on, i can hear it through
the wall. i don't think she herself is there. her
cats are also mewling and chasing each
other around. normally there is no noise
from that apartment but i guess it is cat party
tonight. they prefer country. maybe they linedance.
after midnight & notebook:
i posted yesterday and some other days as well...
when we woke up up this morning there was snow
on the ground; it never did thunder.
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i have reading. there is supposed to be a thunderstorm.
there are bolts of lightning on my igoogle page.
we're still in the midst of our april colds.
made prince of wales tea & a crumpet with blueberry jam
& a smoothie with papaya, orange juice, yogurt & strawberries,
& then salsa: vine-ripe tomatoes, garlic, green onions,
one serrrano chile, s&p, lemon juice & cilantro.
last night i made a big pot of tomato/fennel soup; maybe
i'll actually bring some to school & have a thing to eat
rather than the usual combo of cookie/tea. timbie is sprawled across
my lap, passed out. i can't move from here...
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i've been reading fountain pen reviews on a
fountain pen forum. crrrrazzzzy little obsession.
i like all the special pen language and reading about
of different inks. if you put your pen cap on the top of
the pen when you write it is called "posted." heeeee. like
a horse or something. now i have wish list of pens:

waterman ici et la in sweet lilac
sheaffer skripsert
lamy safari in orange
schaeffer prelude in rose gold
pilot prera in pink (or ivory)
& i have the cross century II chrome (the silver one)

& i have a few bottles of j herbin scented inks in violette & rose


Apr. 24th, 2009 05:16 pm
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

going to renee gladman's reading.

marc & yuri got me this doll brooch :) we saw them at shop in their neighborhood in montreal last summer, on our way out here. so cute!!

i went to guiry's and got a new pen yesterday. the fountain pen i had before was cheap and crappy but this is a good one :o my old pen went kaput last week; i mean, it might just need a new converter or something but i decided to get a better pen. i m excited about it. it's very dainty. last night i made a fabric roll for it, copied from the joanna howard has (it was her ladylike pen & story about buying it guiry's the inspired me)... i need to figure out a way to close it, maybe a button. rolling it seems to work too, tho.


Apr. 22nd, 2009 01:17 pm
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

wish i was home quilt'd & soup'd
instead, class, class, class. at the train
station, whirlwinds of dust and pebbles,
then small bursts of rain. today is a mad
weather day.


Apr. 21st, 2009 10:56 am
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

sick. went to walgreen's yesterday and people were hacking/sputtering in line, so gross. & no wonder
i'm sniffly. i have a presentation tomorrow on kathy
acker's don quixote & i need to work on it more,
but it's difficult to focus over the mounds of tissue. i'm
going to talk about/show prince's under the cherry monn
& stephanie syjuco's body double.

last monday i showed work at the salon which
was at feliz's & her new apartment is really nice... i took
a bunch of pictures of the stairwell

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percival everett is reading on campus tonight but i think
i want to stay here. the weather says "snow will be heavy; snow
accumulating 6-10 inches." probably a sign to stay home,
make tomato soup (with fennel!) & write & read a little.
i just went & got eggs & made us crepes & yerba matte. it
isn't snowing now, raining slushes instead, kinda gross out,
a melted goo all over everything, including hopeful flowers,
now smothered.


Apr. 16th, 2009 04:38 pm
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providence, originally uploaded by anti-factory redux.

photo stephanie took. braxton, me, haley & amelia, & a bit of joann. i love fancy dinners. amelia's flowers look luminescent.


glowing red eyes

i think i took this

just went grocery shopping with braxton; it is supposed to snow tonight... and friday...and saturday! maybe we'll go snowshoeing :)

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RCA, originally uploaded by persephassa.

carey house / seaside terrace / collinwood mansion from 1960's soap opera dark shadows

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Shopping in Wonderland, originally uploaded by ...-Wink-...@ work.

i once played truth or dare in this alleyway in ventura.

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at school all day long, frustratingly useless day.
a body pushed about for little reason. i might as
well be at home, but i can't be, cause i have to sit here,
for nothing. in the writing center like 6 hours, not
one appointment, and then "TA"-ing where TA-ing amounts
to nothing, i try to use the time to write. or play games.
pet my velvet dress.


Apr. 7th, 2009 09:11 am
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

my velvet dress has flowers all over it.

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i have to drink my tea before it gets cold.

i had a key made this morning. i had to walk across a giant parking lot to get to the key-maker. lots of black tarmac. once, in the same parking lot, i saw a small rabbit.

the dog downstairs howled all night. the neighbors met at the backstairs and lamented to each other. the dog's owner is often away.

i watched showgirls yesterday; it was AMAZING



Apr. 4th, 2009 01:39 pm
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

it is so windy.
i mopped the floor, now the house smells like lavender.
there was snow on the ground when i woke up this morning, but as
you can see it has all melted away.

christine & marream are coming over; we're making crepes (i have my mom's crepe pan) and mimosas (i squeez'd like 15 oranges), and i have lots of fruit... grapes, kiwi, blackberries, a pineapple. marream is reading on campus tonight.

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Iridescent Delphine, originally uploaded by Varla's Drive.

delphine seyrig's dress is pure splendour; whole scenes ignited by this dress. i want to see all of jeanne dielman, in which she also stars... i just noticed you can add it to yr netflix queue, tho the release date is unknown. anyways. this movie was fun. i wish the end had been different, but i loved all the shots and the color and delphine seyrig's postures and the sea and the shots of the giant hotel on the beach in the midst of winter. next week i'm going to try to go see the carey house in newport, which is the house from dark shadows. i have directions in my wallet.

ugly house

Apr. 3rd, 2009 12:58 pm
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ugly house, originally uploaded by persephassa.

i got this today. now i have two! ugly house collection.
i want to do something with them, some sort of collage
involving gothic novel covers.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 10:34 am
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umbrella, originally uploaded by persephassa.

i got this pagoda umbrella at the thrift store for $4. it is supposed to rain today. i woke up early to make orange juice & a dutch baby, and now i'm going to go look for a carry on on broadway. the dog downstairs has been howling continuously for 3 hours, so i can't really stay here.