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we sent a box full of my diaries from providence, ri on 10/16/2008; box arrived in denver, co on 10/24/2008 missing most of 10 years of diaries + a diary from when i was six…. instead, box is filled beef flavoured nissin ramen noodles :(

hopefully whoever gets my diaries will contact me; my web address & email is inside the front cover of all the diaries.

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my friend haley makes
really lovely stationary and she recently opened an etsy shop, bread of many.

here is haley, diligently drawing away at a party we were at in april:

her backpack used to be mine & she calls it 'the roxanne carter.' i like
to think i am riding around providence on haley's back with lots of fine
paper and colored pencils in my belly.

after this week, one week left of the first year of ph.d. and one paper to write.
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entries. and such.
the sun is full blown; yesterday was
especially brutal -- but now the weather
is expecting a thunderstorm, whereas
this morning it was to be cloudless and 90
all day. whatever, denver.
i am hoping we can find a nice place to swim this summer;
we'll miss the beach. i think i saw a river
in pike nat'l forest that looked good for
such. in about a month my parents are coming
here for a week; we're going to go to
steamboat springs and do outdoor things and
barbeque; i have been thinking about bbq'd
pizza and peaches and garlic with brie.
and having a tamale party. with lots
of salsa and guacamole. tomatoes and avocados
are so inexpensive here, i feel like we
can eat lots and lots and not be destitute, unlike
providence where i cld only have 1 cause they were
like $3 each.


May. 18th, 2009 02:21 pm
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

we went hiking in roxborough yesterday.

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yesterday braxton got me this sadista sisters album from 1975
when we were at twist & shout after indian food buffet &
grocery shopping & visiting the post office.

from online somewhere "The Sadista Sisters were Teresa D'Abreu & Judith Alderson (who wrote the book and lyrics), Jacky Tayler (who wrote the music) and Linda Marlowe.

Their provocative show was a hard-core feminist, black comedy rock music extravaganza which ran for several weeks at the Edinburgh Festival in 1975 and went on to play to packed houses in the main room of Ronnie Scott's London jazz club for six weeks."

i haven't listened to it yet but i am exited about the pictures on
the cover. it looks like they did a caberet performance and sang songs
titled things like "Intellectomania" and "Sadie's Song."

i guess we're going to see star trek so i gotta go get dressed.


May. 14th, 2009 12:03 pm
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

six hours till i have an obligation.
off to watch dark shadows in some obscure
corner of the english department.

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i'm going to wait to get the netbook until summer's over,
cause i won't be at school at all till september,
but now i'll be thinking of saving funds for it.

anyway. this morning on the bus this guy was talking on the phone &
i wrote down what he said, part of it:

...causing a ruckus like that bitch
girl i let her have it didn't i
i said shut up girl tell me why
i'm on the floor
i hear some kissing
i was like they are not doing this
to me them girls are treacherous girl

he called like three more people and told them the same story
the same way each time, with lots of girl thrown it. it was
wonderful. part of it had something to do with a wallet and a suitcase
and texas. last week, a couple people got on at broadway station, strangers who'd been
talking at the stop, and they guy said, "so what's yr name?"
and the girl said, "panther" and he said "oh! i'm diamond star."
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exhausted. i think i'll go take a nap in the department soon...

i want to get a mini laptop to bring to school; then i wouldn't
need to wear a groove into my shoulder carrying my big, heavy
laptop around. the dell mini is $279 and weighs 2.3 lbs - eric
had one in class last night and i was instantly envious. do
you have one? is it good?
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raining as i run home home tonight. no umbrella.
luckily, the place i was - only 3 or 4 blocks form my own house.
slightly damp, but no worse.


May. 9th, 2009 03:38 pm
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

going to a reading tonight.

i went to get take-out sushi & two little boys were sitting by the fountain
in the plaza next to the restaurant; they both had red cowboy hats on &
cowboy boots and the older one (6 maybe) tipped his hat to me.

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i've been reading this book the saleslady by frances donovan;
published in 1929, it is account by a woman who was somehow connected with
the u of chicago school of sociology, tho she worked as a teacher in
the public school system... anyhow, in this book she decides to go
to nyc during her summer vacation to work as a saleslady in different department
stores to find out what it is all about. first she works in a dress
department, and the descriptions of how she manages customers are
quite interesting; she goes into the dressing room with them and undresses
them/dresses them in the new dress, adjusting the dress and patting
it and telling madame she looks marvelous. there are 20 sales girls
in her department & she writes that they "roam their forest preserves"
of dress racks, an image i like. now she's selling handbags at harold's on 5th ave.
i read another book by her last summer about waitressing in the loop
in chicago.
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keyword search of the day (which led to persephassa):

if poison ivy is on someones face but it is peeling can i kiss them
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fingers crossed to get a job that lasts for a week in june & pays 1k.
coding student essays or something. i have enough money
saved for the summer (no summer funding from school), but it wld be nice,
to have the extra. probably everyone will want to do it tho.

updated - couple posts.

selah had us do this thing where we wrote these lists
of details from memories (first time you wrote yr name,
first sexual experience, your birth, first 'real'
book you read, etc) & then write vignettes out of the
accumulated details & then reverse
the sentences in the vignettes. i mangled mine all up,
it isn't recognizable as those things at all, anymore.

because of [ profile] godforesaken, have been thinking
about businesses i went to with my mom when i was little.
she shopped at gemco a lot;
it was in the shopping center in ventura that is now a target & bed, bath & beyond.
i think we got a lot of our food and other things at gemco. there was
also a best we went to that
had a conveyor belt your purchase came down on from some sunken chamber
as you paid for it. & pic'n'save.
i call the big lots by our house pic'n'save & braxton never knows what i mean.
my mom & grandma collected blue chip stamps & s&h green stamps.
i can't remember what free things we got; my mom probably does,
she loves bargains. probably household implements, like a toaster
or something. i usually went with my mom when she went out to
get groceries or otherwise "go to town." the only place my dad liked
to go was contractor's warehouse or green thumb; otherwise he'd wait in the car &
get mad if she took too long strolling the aisles. we went
to a sear's outlet a lot, and then to the thrift store that was next to it,
in the basement (now a ballet studio). sometimes after church
on saturdays' we'd go to taco bell, which had a hostess who'd
we tip a dollar, and i'd have a tostada & share my nachos with my little brother.
if we went to the taco bell in oxnard we brought kitchen towels to put on our laps.

if i get to do this coding thin, maybe i'll go to ca for a week this summer;
none of this stuff is there anymore but i'd like to see the ocean.
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trying to write. i was about to start when i got a voicemail
(i have my phone set to receive calls from a list & fwd
everything else). it is the same place that always calls me -
the message says something like, "to reactivate it to protect
you against the cost of repairs..." it is about my expired
automobile warranty. 1. i do not have a car & 2. i do
not have a license & haven't since we moved to providence.
i hate these calls, i get them almost every day from different numbers.
i've looked it up online and there are tons of people
who get these & i guess there is no way to stop it,
except blocking them as i have done. do you get called
by these people? have you found a way to stop it?

my voicemail ringtone is prince's automatic, that's the
only pleasure in it.

back to attempting.
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addicted to watching horror films on
netflix instant viewing. over the weekend,
saw shiver, st. ange & the marsh.
the first two were quite good; all three had creepy children.
st ange was lovely, great pacing and very little to see
in terms of things jumping on people - just a girl, tired, quietly
breathing, looking in mirrors and such.
what else? can you recommend horror films?
i really like eerie, atmospheric films...
like susperia, the sentinel, the haunting, the changeling,
a tale of two sisters, sisters, gingersnaps
; really
anything to do with haunted houses. i had a class in
undergrad on horror films: my favorite moment was watching the
frankie goes to hollywood relax scene from body double
with the singing vampire and melanie griffith dancing in a whore
house in leather bondage gear.
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every day it is raining.
i wanted to go hiking but going to indian buffet
is seeming more likely. the buffet is by the market
where we buy our groceries (sunflower); i always think it'd
be lovely to get groceries and go to the buffet and
maybe see a movie at 'chez artiste', also in the same complex,
but so far we've only gotten groceries.
yesterday i went to cherry creek shopping mall
cause i wanted to look at this shop called
paradise pen. it was scary in there. i was imagining like...
a paradise of pens with many pens and some nice ones and all
sorts of paper and stationary but it was a small room with pens
behind glass and one dude working there in a suit. i shld
have known better cause that same mall
has tiffany's and other stuff like that in it. i left and had a
cup of soup at whole foods. i got some ink at meininger's; noodlers
violet, pelikan violet and shaeffer violet. i guess i like violet.
i also got a miquelrius notebook that has 300 pages in it. 300! it
is so huge, a brick. now we're doing laundry, lazing, cat napping.


Apr. 29th, 2009 09:13 pm
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

playing in the forest


Apr. 28th, 2009 10:38 am
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dailywear, originally uploaded by persephassa.

i love shirt dresses.
i put corn starch in my hair on
days i don't wash it. i had one of those bumble & bumble
hair powder spray things last summer, but it
was $30 & made only of corn starch & colouring.
plain corn starch hasn't the lovely colour, but it is also
only $1 for like 70% more powder.

when we did grocery shopping on saturday
i got some crumpets & bonne maman blueberry jam, &
it is so delicious! i think it would be good on
ice cream, too.


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