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fingers crossed to get a job that lasts for a week in june & pays 1k.
coding student essays or something. i have enough money
saved for the summer (no summer funding from school), but it wld be nice,
to have the extra. probably everyone will want to do it tho.

updated - couple posts.

selah had us do this thing where we wrote these lists
of details from memories (first time you wrote yr name,
first sexual experience, your birth, first 'real'
book you read, etc) & then write vignettes out of the
accumulated details & then reverse
the sentences in the vignettes. i mangled mine all up,
it isn't recognizable as those things at all, anymore.

because of [ profile] godforesaken, have been thinking
about businesses i went to with my mom when i was little.
she shopped at gemco a lot;
it was in the shopping center in ventura that is now a target & bed, bath & beyond.
i think we got a lot of our food and other things at gemco. there was
also a best we went to that
had a conveyor belt your purchase came down on from some sunken chamber
as you paid for it. & pic'n'save.
i call the big lots by our house pic'n'save & braxton never knows what i mean.
my mom & grandma collected blue chip stamps & s&h green stamps.
i can't remember what free things we got; my mom probably does,
she loves bargains. probably household implements, like a toaster
or something. i usually went with my mom when she went out to
get groceries or otherwise "go to town." the only place my dad liked
to go was contractor's warehouse or green thumb; otherwise he'd wait in the car &
get mad if she took too long strolling the aisles. we went
to a sear's outlet a lot, and then to the thrift store that was next to it,
in the basement (now a ballet studio). sometimes after church
on saturdays' we'd go to taco bell, which had a hostess who'd
we tip a dollar, and i'd have a tostada & share my nachos with my little brother.
if we went to the taco bell in oxnard we brought kitchen towels to put on our laps.

if i get to do this coding thin, maybe i'll go to ca for a week this summer;
none of this stuff is there anymore but i'd like to see the ocean.
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