Jan. 6th, 2009


Jan. 6th, 2009 02:59 pm
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wearing: gunne sax quilted jacket, thrifted in ventura, ca; yellow sweater underneath, thrifted in ventura, ca; necklace from pashupatina; skirt thrifted in ventura, ca; stockings from somewhere; boots from bootbarn

smiley face since i looked grumpy yesterday.

TA-ing + pedagogy class + working in the writing center today.
for some reason the pedagogy professor assigned readings for the first day of class; it must have been in some email i never got cause i scoured my email for it and couldn't find anything. this habit of assignments for the first day of class is bizarre to me anyhow and i refuse to do them, even if i didn't know about them in advance, which i didn't. i only know about the now cause she sent an email this morning saying part of the article on blackboard is missing... uh. but apparently there were three other things to read. WHATEVER. failure.

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week half over, already exhausted,
and have accomplished very little.
i think it will be a more pleasant
quarter than last, tho, owing to the
unbelievable weirdness and odd
physical presence of the enlightenment
class professor, jan gorak. scottish
accent + caterpillar eyebrows furiously wiggling
+ incomprehensible ranting + taking his shoes
off before lecturing = 4 hours of entertainment a week.
i also have a travel writing course with brian
kiteley, TA-ing for brian kiteley for
a class called "versions of egypt" and the pedagogy class,
+ the writing center, commuting to school, eating
and whatever else i fancy. braxton got me
animal crossing ffor the ds, don't know when
i'll play it tho. i need to be writing... watching
dark shadows... doing push-ups.

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now, mint tea & flaubert in egypt


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