Mar. 27th, 2009

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some random notes after playing by myself the first time. you can download
it here, it is only $10, as much as...
a lipstick or a box of tea. i've watched braxton play it a couple times;
i want to do more of that, particularly for writing while
gameplay is going on (i mixed in what i did
with this post - also,
dark shadows, blanchot, a google docs collab with marream,
nina bawden's devil by the sea).

it is the house that alters
i meet the wolf / i crumple before the house
it is raining when i wake up in front of the house
something gone awry
the house as a container (what for? disruption, memory), i see it differently then i imagined it to be
no longer home, not safe, the forest is more familiar after running through it
the house filtered through my experience in the forest, turned inside out or exposed
my perception of the domestic space has changed because i've accepted
my encounters, i decided to be still, i decided to look

it is a phenomenological game - "...the belief that literature is not primarily about representing something but about experiencing something. Reading is an intensive experience, and this aspect of it can be more important than its mimetic or didactic tendencies. Such literature is not about imitating the world but about creating a new world that the reader experiences. It argues that by careful manipulation of style, syntax and content, the writers has a palpable impact on the reader." —BRIAN EVENSON (just switch the words)

& made me think of this statement carole said in some interview, but which she also says frequently in workshops

"I am much more interested in producing a flawed, mortal document, than something that is just a nod to a certain set of conventions. I also tend to favor writing that is an event in some way, and not just the record of an event; it creates a more vulnerable, fluid space, where the unforeseen, or the errant, or something a little wild is allowed to enter. It's quite thrilling." —CAROLE MASO

that path is a fragmented, broken narrative
there are gaps, and what to make of them (an urge to put something there tho the text of the game refuses to supply an answer)
how meaning is distorted or modified by what has been left out
how to read the signs, how collecting various objects opens up new rooms
tensions between mother/self, home/lost (like a shirley jackson novel)
eat or be eaten
i progressively distinguish myself from my environment
i learn myself
ambivalent desire/fear
domesticity, mother, grandmother, home
be consumed or be incorporated
failure is powerlessness, running away
isolation, loneliness, invisibility, sinister scenes

from a critical article on jackson, "A Faithful Anatomy of Our Times" Reassessing Shirley Jackson / Angela Hague, 2005

"A house is rarely a home in Shirley Jackson's fiction... she was fascinated by houses throughout her life, and they often function as places of entrapment and incarceration for the women who visit or live in them... a palatial structure that functions as a self-contained, self-reflecting environment for those who enter it.... Anything outside the house becomes increasingly unreal as this involuted environment blurs the distinction between inside and outside: the lake reflects the house; images of the forest near the house are woven into the tapestries.. it is clear that she, too, will become a permanent fixture of this enclosed, self-contained, imprisoning world... dramatizes the power of houses to entrap and render powerless their female occupants, and its dark fairy tale-like tone effectively displaces its real message: "Home," rather than providing safety and security, instead functions as a constricting and destructive force that women are powerless to oppose... houses and rooms prove to be as fluid, mysterious, and permeable as the identities of many of her characters...the inability of the home to protect its inhabitants against invasive destruction, both psychological and physical.."

more to type but it is time for bed.
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we watched that eastwood movie (staring aneglian jolie) last night, the changling. it went on too long but the first part is intense. there are some interesting photos from the case on the los angeles public library's photo archive.


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